Don’t Give Up Your Home Without A Fight

Home is supposed to be the one place where you feel welcome. But when your home is facing foreclosure, it can instead feel like a battleground. The bank will do everything in its power to take your house from you. You should do everything in your power to stand up for yourself.

The Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye is the advocate that you need in your corner. We have helped numerous families throughout San Antonio who struggled against foreclosure. We know the steps to take to help avoid eviction notices, prevent foreclosure sales and keep your finances as strong as possible.

What Are The Two Types Of Foreclosure?

There are two major types of home foreclosures in Texas:

Judicial sale foreclosure means that a court must supervise the sale of a mortgaged property. This usually involves a short trial before a judge. In this type of foreclosure, there is usually an opportunity for consumer protection by pleading your case before a judge.

Power of sale foreclosure is when a bank may sell your property without a court's involvement. This is much faster than a judicial sale foreclosure. It is crucial to work with a lawyer who knows how to act as quickly as possible.

Take Back Power Through Your Choices

The first step in determining how to stop an eviction is to understand the foreclosure and eviction processes. We want to empower you by educating you about the foreclosure process so you can regain control of your circumstances.

After discussing your case with you, we can help you determine the best steps to take. These may involve contacting your lender, asking for a reinstatement, negotiating a loan modification or even selling your home. We want to help you do what is best for your family and your home.

Get A Free Consultation

You do not have to struggle with foreclosure alone. But you must act quickly when foreclosure is on the horizon. The Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye can defend your rights and fight to help you keep your house. Schedule your free initial consultation with an attorney by calling 210-951-2655 or by using our online form . Se habla español.