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When is collaborative divorce a good option?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Divorce

It is within your rights to settle a divorce in court, but it may not necessarily be in your best interest to ask a Texas judge to craft a divorce decree. This is partially because you have no control over what the terms of the decree might be. Additionally, it may be less expensive and stressful to take a collaborative approach to ending your marriage.

Can you communicate effectively with your spouse?

A collaborative divorce may make sense if you are able to work in good faith with your spouse to create a deal that everyone can be content with. It’s important to note that attorneys along with financial and counseling professionals will be present to help ensure that the process is constructive and focused on meeting both party’s needs.

Do you have children with your spouse?

Your children will likely not be in the room during these sessions. Furthermore, since the terms of the deal are confidential, they won’t ever be able to learn the exact reasons why their parents split, unless you choose to tell them. It will be possible to reach a tentative agreement on child custody, visitation and support issues. However, a judge will need to formally approve the terms before they go into effect.

Collaborative divorce methods may help you begin to heal

One of the benefits of a collaborative divorce is that you are allowed to express yourself without fear of being judged or ridiculed. The ability to be open and honest about how you feel may make it easier to start the process of coming to terms with what is happening.