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You Can Change A Child’s Life Through Adoption

Many adoptive parents find the outcome to be among the most meaningful actions of their lives. However, adoption can be a complex and difficult process. If you are ready to adopt a child, you will not have to face these challenges alone.

Trust the experience of the Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye throughout the adoption process. Whether you are seeking a domestic adoption, international adoption or stepparent adoption, we can guide you forward.

Completing The Stepparent Adoption Process

Stepparent adoption is typically possible when the other biological or legal parent is not present in the child’s life. This procedure can often involve unique obstacles. The main elements of stepparent adoption include:

  • Requesting consent from the legal parent: The legal parent can terminate their parental rights and obligations. If the parent does not consent, they may contest your adoption petition. We can represent you in a contested adoption case.
  • Finding the legal parent: Sometimes, the legal parent cannot be easily contacted. If we cannot locate the legal parent to request consent for adoption, we can present your case to the court, which will determine whether the adoption can proceed.
  • Completing an evaluation: The court will assess your home environment and other factors to ensure that adoption matches the child’s best interests.

Once the adoption is complete, your stepchild becomes your legal child. Your child would have the same legal rights as a biological child, such as the right to be named on a life insurance policy and the right to inherit from you. Although stepparent adoption can be complex, we will work to position you for a successful adoption.

Support For Open And Closed Adoptions

The Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye also assists clients who seek to adopt children through open or closed adoption. We know that these cases are personal – not only for you but also for your prospective child.

With a deep familiarity with Texas Child Protective Services, our attorney understands how to advocate for children during adoption cases. We can highlight what you offer to the child’s well-being and help you complete the necessary documentation. You can also work with us to negotiate agreements if the biological parent still wants to be part of the child’s life.

Let Us Help You Adopt

Adoption is a sentimental matter as much as it is a legal matter. Our law firm is ready to listen to you and answer your questions. Call 210-761-5241 or email our San Antonio office to schedule an adoption consultation.