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Experienced Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

Attorney Sheri Bryce Dye Has Mediated And Tried Hundreds Of Conservatorship Cases

When you need a lawyer’s help to obtain conservatorship of a child, trust Sheri’s 20-plus years of experience. Sheri spent 14 years as an assistant district attorney in San Antonio. She has successfully mediated over 350 conservatorship cases and tried more than twice that amount. With years of experience in the child abuse division, she has insider understanding of how the court assesses conservatorships. This experience gives her the knowledge to build a strategy that maximizes the likelihood of getting the results you desire.

Does your case involve child protective services? Sheri has spent years working with CPS. She can fight for you if this agency has intervened with your children.

Understanding Conservatorship In Texas

In Texas’s family court system, conservatorship refers to the physical and legal care of children. Some people also refer to this as child custody. If you and your former partner have children, you will have to determine conservatorship. In Texas, there are three types of conservators:

  • Joint managing conservators are parents who share decision-making abilities about a child’s care. This does not necessarily mean that the child spends half their time with each parent.
  • Sole managing conservators have the right to decide the child’s permanent residence, give medical or legal consent, and make decisions about the child’s education.
  • Possessory conservators do not have as many parental rights as sole managing conservators, though they may still have the right to access and possession.

The court system assumes that joint managing conservatorship is in a child’s best interests. But if there are issues like domestic violence or substance abuse, the court may grant one parent sole managing conservatorship.

You Deserve The Straightforward Truth

Sheri believes in providing realistic expectations of your case. Even if the conversation is difficult, she will be honest and frank. If some aspect of your lifestyle or behavior is not in the best interests of your child and could affect your case, she will tell you. She wants to educate you about the legal process and discuss your options so you can make the best decisions for your kids.

Helping Grandparents Secure Custody Of Their Grandchildren

In some situations, the best course of action is for a grandparent to assume temporary of permanent conservatorship rights of their grandchild. If you are interested in gaining custody of your grandchild, Sheri can explain your rights and your options. It is not always possible for a grandparent to assume legal responsibility for their grandchild. However, if it is in the child’s best interest, she will fight to help you secure conservatorship.

Have A Conservatorship Lawyer On Your Side

You and the child you love need a legal advocate. The Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye is here to help you in every aspect of your conservatorship case. Contact the law office at 210-761-5241 to schedule a free consultation or reach the firm online. Se habla español.