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Protecting Your Best Interests With Pre And Postnuptial Agreements

Both pre- and postnuptial agreements are meant to protect spouses and their assets. In order to create one, it is best to partner with a knowledgeable family law attorney. Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye has over 20 years of experience helping families throughout Texas. Creating a marital agreement can become complicated quite quickly. Attorney Sheri Bryce Dye has worked with hundreds of clients throughout her years practicing law, and she can provide the guidance you need.

What Is The Difference Between Pre- And Postnuptial Agreements?

The exact terms of a pre- or postnuptial agreement are unique to the couple. You need an attorney who listens to and understands your goals so they can properly customize your agreement. There are numerous benefits to establishing a marital agreement. It allows both parties to make important financial decisions while everyone is level-headed. Plus, it can save you time and money in the future. Certain processes, such as property division and alimony are often included. Other items, such as child support and child custody arrangements, are not part of these legal documents.

While many couples finalize a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot, it is never too late to plan for the future. Postnuptial agreements can be made at any point during your marriage. Some couples draft a postnuptial agreement if they feel the future is uncertain and want to make decisions while things are still calm. You may also choose to make a postnuptial agreement if your family experiences a significant financial change, such as acquiring an inheritance or realizing your partner has a lot of debt. Sheri will fight tirelessly on your behalf to represent your best interests.

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