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On Your Side In DWI Defense

Criminal charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI) are different from most other traffic violations. The consequences of a DWI could include jail time and the loss of your license. However, working with a skilled attorney can ensure that you reach the best possible outcome.

The Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye understands how easy it is for Texas drivers and law enforcement to make a mistake that leads to DWI charges. We will focus on getting the optimal results for your case.

The Stakes Are High

A DWI can affect your ability to drive, your finances and even your freedom. It is important to treat the charges seriously.

The potential penalties of a DWI depend on several factors, including:

  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC) level at the time of the traffic stop
  • Whether you have a prior DWI conviction
  • Whether a child was a passenger of your vehicle during the traffic stop

When any criminal charge is leveled against you, you have the right to work with a lawyer in your defense. We can build a strong defense strategy to shield you against potentially avoidable consequences.

Minimizing Or Avoiding DWI Penalties

As a former district attorney, Sheri Bryce Dye knows how the other side works. We can refute the evidence against you and challenge any legal errors of law enforcement. If the police stopped your vehicle without a justifiable reason, or if they improperly administered a blood or breath test, we will contest the validity of the charges.

We will prioritize your interests. In some cases, considering a plea bargain could allow you to reduce the penalties and move forward with your life. However, we can also wholeheartedly fight against a conviction when appropriate. Our attorney is an aggressive advocate in trial.

Gain Strategic Criminal Defense Support

Based in San Antonio, the Law Office of Sheri Bryce Dye will work to protect your rights, whether your case involves DWI charges or family law. For a case review with an experienced DWI defense lawyer, call 210-761-5241 or email us.