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What are the different types of child abuse?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Child Protective Services

Sadly, many children in Texas are mistreated by their parents, other relatives or other people in their lives. These are the different types of child abuse.

Physical abuse

Perhaps the most common type of child abuse is physical. When a child is a victim, it involves the deliberate infliction of pain perpetrated by another person. It often involves visible signs that cannot be explained away such as scars, bruises, fractures, wounds or burns. In some cases, the abuse is inflicted on parts of the child’s body that are hidden by clothing so that people cannot notice it.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse occurs when a person deliberately shouts at a child, verbally demeans them or inflicts psychological harm to them. Excessive name-calling, chipping away at the child’s self-esteem and withholding affection or any type of kindness can cause serious emotional harm. Children who suffer from this type of abuse often grow up battling problems such as depression or anxiety. Years later, many turn to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate to feel better about themselves.


One of the most common forms of child abuse is neglect. When parents disregard their children and fail to provide for or protect them, it can be just as damaging as physical abuse. Some kids are left alone for extended periods of time to fend for themselves, which could lead to hunger, weight loss, lack of personal hygiene and other problems. Child Protective Services (CPS) often comes to deal with parents when their children face neglect.

Sexual abuse

Child sexual abuse occurs when a person exhibits inappropriate sexual behavior toward a child or uses the child for sexual stimulation. This can include the rape of a child, molestation, indecently touching a child, child pornography and other terrible acts. The abuser might be a relative or someone who’s not family.

Children are precious and should always be protected from abuse.