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Have Probate Questions? Here Are Answers To Common Questions.

Attorney Sheri Bryce Dye provides experienced, client-focused representation in probate matters, an area of law not typically well-understood by most clients. To address this, below are answers to common questions about probate.

What documents should I gather before meeting with my probate attorney?

If you are the executor of a loved one’s estate, working with an attorney can be very helpful. When it comes time to meet with an attorney, you can save time and effort by knowing which documents to bring. Generally, you’ll need:

  • Copies of the will and the death certificate, if available
  • Bank statements, account numbers and other financial information for the decedent
  • Contact information for everyone named in the will, if you have it
  • A list of estate assets (the more thorough, the better)

When you call to schedule a consultation, just confirm which documents you should bring in and which ones you have access to.

What happens during the probate process?

This proceeding entails the settling and distribution of a decedent’s estate. It is when final debts are paid, final taxes are filed and the estate assets are cataloged and distributed according to the terms of the will. It is typically complex enough to warrant working with an attorney.

Does all property pass through probate in Texas?

Usually, the answer is no. If a decedent already transferred property through a trust, through direct payment of benefits (such as insurance policies) or through laws of joint ownership with survivorship rights, these assets wouldn’t be included in probate. The process mostly applies to assets listed in a decedent’s will.

Who is responsible for handling an estate’s probate?

This is the responsibility of the person named as the executor of the estate by the decedent. It is quite common (and recommended) for the executor to work with a probate attorney to ensure that nothing is missed and no mistakes are made.

Are there tactics to preserve assets during the probate process?

Most preservation measures occur during the estate planning phase. Many people approach estate planning with the goals of avoiding or reducing the need for probate, minimizing estate taxes and maximizing the assets available to heirs and beneficiaries.

During probate itself, you can save estate money by making the process as quick and smooth as possible. Any disputes over assets or unnecessary delays will typically cost money, and that money is paid out of estate assets that would otherwise go to heirs.

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